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Hello Everyone I would Love to share my experience with you, let me start with a little background. I am a Complex Regional Pain Syndrome warrior and have been for 19 years now. I have CRPS/RSD in 3 limbs now from different injuries. I have been on multiple medications and have had several procedures. In 2017 on was on 8 different medications including 2 opiates. In September of 2017 I decided to get off all pharmaceutical medications and switch to Medical Marijuana. In 30 days I was able to come off all 8 medications with no side effects or withdrawals by using CBD Isolate plus a full spectrum regimen. I truly believe that the CBD Isolate is what really helped not to have any withdrawals. Unfortunately finding a regime is difficult because places run out of product, the company goes out of business due to law changes and sometimes prices change. I have found that eating helps relieve my pain. I use full spectrum pills, syrups, exlixers, butter and some other edibles. I also use CBD honey. I find that if I have had a ruff day or I know I am going to have a lot going on the next day adding a little extra CBD helps to make my recovery easier. I also never over do anything, meaning I take just enough to make my pain manageable. I am a complete believer in Microdosing. I have come to accept that my pain will never go away but I can get it down to a manageable level. I hope you all can find a way to manage the pain as I have. It has been almost 2 years since I have made the switch and I am now figuring out how to live again, just differently. Blessed wishes to you ALL!!

Apr 30


I am definitely a believer in the power of CBD!!! It is amazing!!! I have been battling RSD for over 16 years now. I have full body with organ involvement. I was taking 17 prescription pills a day!!! February of last year I started using medical marijuana. Both CBD and THC. Within months I was able to reduce the medications and by the end of last year I was able to stop taking all pharmaceutical pills period!!! CBD is amazing!!! It helps your body so much and without making you feel “high”. It has helped me tremendously!!! I use it in several different forms and they all work great!! I love using topical lotions with CBD for pain and inflammation in my neck and hands. Such an amazing plant!! 🌱 💜

I too am a CRPS warrior and it now affects approx 85% of my body following a workplace accident and multiple surgeries over the next few years.

I was even hospitalised for almost 20mths due to massive flares and spread of the condition....so during that time I was trialled on or placed on majority of medications that could be used to hopefully treat my CRPS.

I was also transferred back and forward across state lines to multiple pain specialists/clinics but most of these medical professionals said that my condition had been left too long and they couldn't help me.

Upon returning home finally to my family, I came across a company on instagram who sold CBD products and I was instantly drawn to them. They didn't make empty promises but their reviews alone made me want to see if their products could help me.

I had been bed or wheelchair bound now for approx 4+yrs and continuing to decline. My pain was constantly out of control and even with the aid of a spinal cord stimulator, I was having daily flares.

These flares including severe allodynia, swelling, redness, mottling, blisters and much more.

Eventually I ordered some topical CBD products and although initially getting them through customs from to States to Australia was a major hassle (first lot was seized for 6wks)....From the first moment I tried one product in particular....I knew I had made the right decision!

So many symptoms subsided to a point that I could actually do basic things that for so long hadn't been a possibility. I shaved my legs!! Touched my feet gently to the bottom of the hydro pool and eventually managed my first step in the water in years! I wore something more than boxer shorts. The list goes on.

I still wish to try edibles etc and see how they can help me but love how this one salve allowed me to actually even be hugged or gently touched again.

CBD gave me a little piece of my life back and I'm excited to see what they can help me do next!


I too am a survivor of CRPS. I started out in 2015 with a sprained ankle that quickly became CRPS. Had a spinal cord stimulator placed in 2017 which has helped with pain. Within 6 mths of the initial injury, my CRPS spread to my other leg. It has now spread to right arm and face. I started on CPD oil in 2018 and have seen a decrease in pain and sensitivity. I do have a medical marijuana card but haven't used it yet. I am anxious to try Charles's CBD oil.

I also give it to my 14 yr old dog for arthritis and it works great for him.

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