Drift – "Sleep due to exhaustion does not reflect a well rested body and mind. It is the mark of an educated mind to rest satisfied, knowing the degree of precision which only nature admits it holds…" – Aristotle. Drift offers the benefits of a precise formulary designed specifically to help one relax, quiet the mind, and fall asleep naturally. 100% non-addictive and based entirely on demonstrable scientific research, Drift utilizes a wealth of natural plant phytochemicals, such as terpenes and polyphenols, to achieve its high efficacy. What are those? Here is one small example: Some have tried Chamomile Tea to help them sleep. The compounds in Chamomile that can have the desired effect are terpenes and flavons called Apigenin, Farnesene, & Chamazulene. Therefore, we have specifically extracted and isolated those compounds in their purest form to be utilized as formulary components where each is in the optimal effective dosage according to medicinal research. You can’t get that type of precision or efficacy by simply drinking Chamomile Tea. According to a report from the National Sleep Foundation in the United States, 87% of American adults experience sleeping problems. Isn’t it time for you to drift off and get some genuine sleep… naturally. ZERO THC