Epione – What is Epione? In Greek mythology, EPIONE is the wife of the “medicine God” Asklepios, and is known to be the goddess of the soothing difficult pain. Apply named, Epione by Charles Mattocks is a pharmacognosist designed formula that utilizes nanoparticle compounds (including NanoCBD), specialized terpenes, and other natural herbal components to provide superior dermal absorption and cell permeation with increased performance and efficacy not attainable without the benefits of nanotechnology. With consistent and long term use, many customer testimonials have reported relief from otherwise difficult to treat nerve-oriented conditions, hyperreactive autonomic nervous system conditions, hyperalgesia, late stage arthritis, diabetic neuropathy, fibromyalgia symptomology and others. See the difference for yourself that Epione can make in your quality of life today! ZERO THC.

Nanoparticle CBD Topical-Epiome 2oz.